Sailing-Teamevent in Hamburg

Teambuilding and incentive under sail on the Elbe

Real, hanseatic, authentic, almost zero emissions!

Pure sailing yacht event for up to 11 people - Teamevent, Teambuilding, Teamboosting, Incentive

  • 1 - 11 people
  • 4 hour event
  • almost zero emissions
  • authentic sailing trip
  • modern sailing yacht
  • professional skipper
  • instruction of the crew in boat, maneuvers and seamanship
  • the yacht can be steered and sailed by yourself
  • automatic life jackets on loan
  • weatherproof clothing can be rented
  • ship safety certificate from "BG Verkehr"
  • full insurance coverage
  • WiFi, smart TV
  • pantry, salon, toilet
  • no further additional costs
  • full day trips on request
  • catering on request
  • coach for team building measures etc. on request


1.650,00 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days


City-Country-River teamevent in Hamburg

Sailing and iconic VW Bullis

Cruising along the Hamburg backdrop

CITY-COUNTRY-RIVER - urban, maritime team event for up to 22 people

  • 6 hour event 
  • also available as a small tour (Quick & Dirty) 
  • PAX up to 22 people 
  • 3 hour discovery tour in iconic VW Bullis 
  • 3 hours sailing trip on an elegant and modern sailing yacht 
  • 2 individual and authentic experiences become a great adventure  
  • professional guides and skippers, trademark: friendly hanseatic 
  • small exploratory walks with new perspectives on the hanseatic city 
  • instruction of the crew in boat, maneuvers and seamanship 
  • the yacht can be controlled by yourself 
  • full insurance coverage 
  • optional: various beverage packages 
  • optional: fish sandwiches and bottle of beer when exchanging vehicles or BBQ on the Elbe beach 
  • start Hafencity - Wedel - end Hafencity 
  • start Wedel - Hafencity - end Wedel 
  • no additional costs 
  • Catering on request


2.975,00 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days


Sporty regatta sailing in Hamburg

with 2 - 6 sailing boats of the german sailing league

Area: Alster - Elbe - everywhere

Sports sailing boats teamevent "J 70" of the federal sailing league - mini regatta / match race for up to 50 people


  • 6 hour event
  • PAX up to 50 people
  • absolut emission free!
  • up to 6 sailing boats including skipper and top location on the Alster
  • active regatta sailing on high-end sports boats
  • professional skipper per boat, trademark: personable, hanseatic, authentic
  • instruction of the crew in boat, maneuvers and tactics
  • the sports boat can be steered yourself
  • award ceremony with awards for all teams
  • life jacket p.p. loan
  • professional clothing (jacket and pants) on request
  • motor escort boat to e.g. taking photos of the event on request
  • various beverage packages on request
  • catering on request, e.g. Barbecue on the jetty


3.700,00 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days


Traditional tall ship sailing in Hamburg

Teamevent / incentive on 3-Mast-Barkentines

Up to 90 people on the Elbe between Hamburg and Glückstadt

Anno 1907 - traditional tall ship team event and incentive for up to 90 peoples


  • 2-6 hour event 
  • PAX up to 90 people 
  • professional crew, trademark: personable, hanseatic, authentic 
  • instruction of the participants in boat, maneuvers and seamanship 
  • the tall ship can be controlled by yourself 
  • motor escort boat to e.g. taking photos of the event on request 
  • ship safety certificate, full insurance cover 
  • WiFi, smart TV 
  • pantry, salon, bar, toilet 
  • no additional costs 
  • various beverage packages on request 
  • catering and buffets on board on request 
  • overnight stays on board up to approx. 36 people on request 
  • this event can also be held on the entire Baltic Sea


6.945,00 €

  • Available
  • Ships within 1-3 days